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With working experience at the most credible and highly professional institution in different countries, as Physiotherapist, Aesthetic and Spa therapist, with many years of international experience in various sectors, from public health to private health care, through aesthetic clinics and SPA, I’m highly professional experienced Physiotherapist, and Licensed Therapist from Steiner Leisure London.

Today as a Practitioner for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Medically Qualified Physiotherapist I offer you an excellent quality of various Treatments for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Relaxation at “Trivana Physio & Beauty Treatments” in Costa Del Sol, Malaga, Spain.

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A physiotherapist, or physical therapist, works with patients to help them manage pain, balance, mobility, and motor function.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a noninvasive treatment. Relieve pain, improve circulation, and promote tissue healing.

Shock Wave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates the body's natural healing process. It can relieve pain and promote healing soft tissues.

Kinesio Therapy

The aim of kinesitherapy is to use all potentials of the treated patients, to achieve optimal recovery of the damaged function of locomotion.


Electrotherapy is the use of electricity as a medical treatment. The term is specifically applied to the use of electric current to accelerate wound healing.

Dry Needling

It is a semi-invasive technique that uses fine needles for the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome, a syndrome produced by “trigger points“.

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Our Services

Do you want a unique physiotherapeutic or beauty massage treatments special designed according to your needs? “Trivana Physio & Beauty Treatments” is a right place for you. Find a relief for your body, your mind and your soul. Get something unique at all market offerings so far, with the individual specific approach, receiving quality of priceless dedicated time, the best solutions and improvements for your present condition from a highly professional Physiotherapist.

  • Physiotherapeutic services
  • Therapeutic medical and Relax services
  • Beauty Treatments – Facial and Body Care services
  • Therapeutic packages of min. 10 treatments
  • Life style coaching

Practitioner for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation with highly professional international work experience.

Our Services

Trivana Jankovic offer you an excellent quality of various treatments, with original style, extraordinary quality and wide knowledge from highly professional international work experience.

Get the best treatments for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Relaxation.

Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain

Clinics Location

Trivana Psyhio
Clinica Monte Blanco
Ctra de Mijas
(1st floor of COSTAMUEBLE furniture shop)
29650 MIJAS

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    Amazing! Great job done and it was very very much needed! Definitely recommend! Gracias Trivana!

    Muy buena Fisio no tengo ningún dolor desde que vengo y antes vivía con dolor de cuello y hombros. Me ha salvado la vida.
    I walked in feeling in need of a body replacement and walked out floating on air. A much needed pain releif, relax and destress. Totally worth it!