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My mission is to see your satisfied big smile after each physiotherapeutic or beauty massage treatment.

Trivana Jankovic

Abou me

With working experience at the most credible and highly professional institution in different countries, as Physiotherapist, Aesthetic and Spa therapist, with many years of international experience in various sectors, from public health to private health care, through aesthetic clinics and SPA, I’m highly professional experienced Physiotherapist, and Licensed Therapist from Steiner Leisure London.

Today as a Practitioner for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Medically Qualified Physiotherapist I offer you an excellent quality of various Treatments for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Relaxation at “Trivana Physio & Beauty Treatments” in Costa Del Sol, Malaga, Spain.

In “Trivana Physio & Beauty Treatments” you will find an honest personal treatment with professional effort to explore your best potential. You can find also education for increasing your health; encouragement to change the life style for personal health and beauty improvement, with best results for you.

You are going to see a difference like never before because

Trivana Physio & Beauty Treatments is:


All clients are welcomed – kids, women after pregnancy, hard-working busy people, elderly people which need more attention, making all of them to feel worthy, releifed and encouraged, ready for their day.

I guaranty 100% satisfaction.

You are going to be spoiled with kindness and hospitality coming from the heart.

All my treatments and products are 100% natural based.

Say enough of the routine already, and said yes to the beauty of being alive and healthy. Go on, get rid of pain, get relaxation and relief, make something for yourself, for your soul, body and mind, making you fly inside and out.


Clinics Location

Trivana Psyhio
Clinica Monte Blanco
Ctra de Mijas
(1st floor of COSTAMUEBLE furniture shop)
29650 MIJAS

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